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Our Council members bring a wide range of skills and knowledge together to help us work for the protection and enhancement of the New Forest.
Could you become a Council member and a part of our campaigning team?

Contact John Ward, our chairman,
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What we do

We are

The only membership-based association in the New Forest that gives its members the opportunity to be effectively engaged in a wide range of New Forest issues.

The National Park Society for the New Forest and a full member of the national ‘Campaign for National Parks’, along with all other English and Welsh national parks

The voice for the New Forest National Park – its friend and watchdog

Represented on many New Forest committees, such as the New Forest Consultative Panel, The Forest Design Plan Forum, and the Open Forest Advisory Committee.

Our activities include

Campaigning on the many issues to be addressed in the Forest, such as controlling development, more affordable housing, commoners housing and smallholdings for rent, removing overhead cables, road clutter, tranquillity, aircraft noise, the future of ancient woodland, timber inclosures, heaths and wetland and the implications of climate change.

Scrutinising all planning applications and policies and plans for the New Forest prepared by government, statutory authorities and other organisations.

Participating in New Forest partnerships or supporting projects to enhance and restore important New Forest landscapes.

Working at a national level with other national park societies and the Campaign for National Parks to lobby and influence Government policy and funding for national parks.

Supporting education initiatives, particularly with young people, to increase understanding about the unique qualities of the New Forest.

Contributing to the funding of research projects intended to provide better information about wildlife or other aspects of the Forest so as to improve conservation.