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Forestry Commission Launch Public Forest Estate Consultation

The Forestry Commission of England have launched a consultation on “The Long-term Role of the Forestry Commission Public Forest Estate in England“. This “consultation” takes the form of a 76 page document followed by a survey, much of which includes somewhat loaded questions, and even more slanted multiple choice selections.

In a slightly cynical move, a shorter version of the survey has been issued as a leaflet consisting of one of the questions with multiple choice answers. This can be filled in and sent freepost to the Forestry Commission. Those responding to this oversimplified version are being entered into a prize draw as an incentive.

Whilst the council of The New Forest Association are issuing a joint response to the consultation, they urge the members of the Association to respond to the consultation, keeping in mind that for the New Forest area, the preservation of the nature and heritage of the native broadleaved woodlands and heathland habitats should have greater priority over conifer timber production.

The consultation closes on 28th September 2009.


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